Professional Administration and Academic Service
  • Program committee. 2nd Vis4DH Workshop. IEEE VIS Conference, Oct. 2017
  • Program committee. Vis4DH Workshop. IEEE VIS Conference, Oct. 2016
  • Consultant. Lullaby Project. Carnegie Hall, Dec. 2014-current
  • Associate Director. “Archives and Agential Life” workshop. Directors Theresa M. Kelley, UW-Madison, and Deidre Lynch, University of Toronto. Jun. 2-5, 2013
  • Panel moderator. BARS Jul. 2013, NAVSA Jun. 2013, NAVSA Sep. 2012, UW-Madison Graduate Conference, Feb. 2011
At Yale University
  • Committee member. Library Project Review Committee, 2017-2019
  • Committee member. Library Map Prize, 2017-current
  • Committee member. Yale Day of Data, 2016-current
  • Consultant. Research Data Consultation Group, 2016-current
  • Co-founder and lead organizer of the annual Beyond Boundaries: A Symposium on Hybrid Scholarship at Yale, Apr. 2016, Apr. 2017
  • Committee member. Arts and Humanities Assessment, 2015-2016
At UW-Madison
  • Computational Humanities Technical Support. UW-Madison Libraries, Fall 2014-current
  • Selection committee member. English 100 Course Reader, Fall 2014
  • Co-founder and organizer of the annual Digital Humanities Plus Art (DH+A) symposium. UW-Madison. Nov. 2013, Apr. 2015
  • Selection committee member. English 100 Student Award-Winning Essays, Spring 2013
  • Chair. Graduate Recruitment Committee (GRC), 2011-2013, elected member since Spring 2010
  • Co-Chair. English Department Graduate Student Association (GSA), 2012-2013, member since 2009 GSA
  • Representative. Faculty and Graduate Student Advisory Board, Humanities Research Bridge, 2011-current
  • Co-Organizer. UW-Madison Graduate Conference. Mar. 2010, Feb. 2011, Mar. 2012, Feb. 2013
  • Co-Organizer. UW-Madison Graduate Welcome Days, Mar. 2010, Feb. 2011, Mar. 2012, Mar. 2013
  • Participant. A.W. Mellon World Literature workshops, 2011-2014
  • Elected Graduate Representative. Literary Studies Steering Committee, 2010-2013
  • Andrew W. Mellon Grant Research Assistant for Professor Robin Valenza, 2011-2012
  • Project Assistant for Professor Michael Witmore, 2010-2011
    • Co-authored successful Andrew W. Mellon Grant application to undertake digital humanities research while working with Professor Witmore, 2011
  • Participant. Middle-Modernity Group, 2009-current
  • Participant. A.W. Mellon Science and Print Culture workshops, 2009-2010
  • Project Assistant for Professor Susan Bernstein, 2009-2010, summer 2011
  • Project Assistant for Professor Caroline Levine, 2009-2010

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